Who We Are

DELTA is a transnational project that brings together 4 partners from 3 European countries:

Hellenic Open University, DAISSy research group

The DAISSy Research group of the Hellenic Open University, which conducts educational and technological research, develops digital content, online platforms and MOOCs and enables the development of digital and citizenship skills;

Department of History and Archaeology - University of Athens

The Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Athens, which conducts yearly excavations in the site of Plasi, Marathon (Attica), aiming to the promotion of scientific knowledge and offering a wide field for training undergraduate and postgraduate students of archaeology in excavation and other methods of archaeological fieldwork;

Post-graduate School of Archaeology - DiCEM, University of Basilicata

The Department of European and Mediterranean Cultures: Architecture, Environment, Cultural Heritage (DiCEM) of the University of Basilicata, which has been operating since 2012 with the aim of generating, disseminating and applying new knowledge in the fields of archaeology, architecture, environment and tangible and intangible cultural heritage;

Department of Archaeology and Museology - Masaryk University

The Department of Archaeology and Museology of the Masaryk University, which conducts excellent research and applies the latest methods and equipment, covering a broad range of topics and disposes of the latest methodological and theoretical approaches, such as the development of settlements in Prehistoric and historical landscape, dynamics of the human-environment relationships, functional analysis, past social processes, protection, documentation and presentation of cultural heritage.